Someone recently relayed to me a quote that I can’t remember word for word (or who told me! I’m sorry!) that was something to the effect that saying something once on the internet is like not saying it at all. I think across the board those of us sharing our work on our own platforms feel hesitant to “repeat” or feel like we’re showing or saying the same things over and over. But I’ve found that even with clients that know my work and have worked with me for years I STILL have to present my work in so many different ways and SO MANY TIMES before new work or offerings really stick or get traction. So what does that look like for me?

Showing process →Showing individual completed piecesAdding to website→Showing installation views→Creating custom mock-up visuals→Sending jpgs in one-on-one client email communications→Sharing jpgs in narrowly targeted newsletter→Sharing on social media→Sharing on our blog →Creating custom marketing packages (digital + hardcopies!) including visuals of the work and outlining how it’s priced and allll the variations and possibilities that work has →In person studio tours→sharing new iterations of the work→


Creating original work is a cumulative endeavor that takes skill and synthesizing years of education, practice, experimentation, and failures. You’ve put in the work – don’t let an algorithm-determined lifespan or your own inner voice hold you back from tooting your own horn. Show up in a variety of ways and show that work repeatedly so that it really has a chance to reach your intended audience and then be able to support you as a creative.

Feel weird? Me too. Just keep doing it!