Listen to my interview on the Mind Over Medium podcast

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My friend, former studio neighbor, artist, and coach Lea Ann Slotkin has launched a brand new podcast- Mind Over Medium. I am so tickled to share this recent episode featuring yours truly! We chatted all things Ink + Indigo, creative process, pushing past discomfort, goal setting, and not taking yourself too dang seriously. It’s available on allll the platforms-please have a listen + follow her podcast for more interviews and insights.

From the Mind Over Medium Podcast:

“Ever wonder how the creative minds behind dazzling designs find their inspiration? Meet Emily Mann, the artistic genius and founder of Ink and Indigo Studios, as she invites us into her world of color, shapes, and textures. Get ready to uncover the secrets behind her unique process, how she taps into numerous sources to fuel her creativity and the importance of setting time aside for defined tasks.

Emily not only shares her creative process, but also imparts wisdom on the role of emotions in establishing success. Hear her speak about how humor keeps her grounded, her vision for eco-friendly designs, and the art of dealing with discomfort. You’ll get a unique glimpse into how she celebrates her wins and embraces change with grace.

Finally, Emily opens up about the fine balance between art, parenting, and business. It’s not all about chaos and multi-tasking, but seeking help, stepping out of the comfort zone, and learning from mistakes. Prepare to be inspired by Emily’s journey and her nuggets of wisdom on manifesting goals and making the most of our lives. This episode is sure to leave you brimming with motivation for your own creative journey.”