Venture Vesica has been one of the favorite series I’ve made to date-I’ve loved seeing these go up in public spaces, suites, and guestrooms all over the world. Noodling out ideas for new works to add to the line I really wanted to revisit the concept of simple, intersecting circular forms behind this series but mix it up a bit from the original metallic golds, tonal blacks, and white.

I challenged myself to use what I had on hand in the kinda scarily full flat files-the deep emerald green pigment flows I created for another concept were my starting point and I went to town cutting, layering, and playing until this new body of work emerged. The intersecting circular forms overlay with translucent vellum, metallic gold linework to create a fun and sophisticated expansion of this series. See them all in the licensing library here.

All of these original works have been professionally captured to create beautiful, hi-res image files that allow for maximum print possibilities. These can be reproduced on a range of substrates including paper, canvas, direct prints on plexi or panel, and wallcoverings. Imagery may be used for non-exclusive single use prints or multiple prints, including large quantity runs for hotel guestroom projects. Imagery may be cropped or recolored to meet client specifications with artist’s approval. Licensing fees are determined based on final print size and quantity of prints.

Please contact our studio manager Laura Brown at Laura@inkandindigo.com for further details on pricing and licensing agreements for your projects.