Hello From the Other Side

Studio News

I am beyond thrilled to be launching this BRAND NEW more beautiful, functional, and ready-to-grow home to all that Ink + Indigo has become! My bandwidth and skillset had long since been exceeded by the need to fix/update this space. “Update website” became one of those perpetual to-do list shifters until I was finally able to give it over to the very capable Anthem Creative. I’ve known Ann Parker personally for years and love the work she’s done for other creative peeps. 

Ann was able to take all of the tidbits of inspiration and ideas I had for what I wanted this space to become and make it into a cohesive brand identity and website that I feel like I would make myself if I had any of these skills. 😉 

In talking through what I want to do with this studio and the common threads that connect all of the varied work we make, Ann pulled out the tagline “a creative studio” which just feels so RIGHT! Ink + Indigo has grown so much from just me in my basement in the wee hours and I love that this new branding and site gives us all the tools and space to show that off.

So what else is new here? Pretty much everything. In addition to HUNDREDS of new completed art images, we added a ton of installation pics and a whole new release for our licensing line. I’ll be updating our blog and newsletter on the regular- sharing of lots of new work, project pics, studio inspo, and (hopefully soon) opportunities for in-person creative classes and collabs.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Ink + Indigo and cheering me on and fueling this creative life. Really grateful to share it here.

More soon!