Making in Multiples

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One of the challenges for our interior design and art consulting clients is creating original, imaginative, dimensional art concepts in large quantities and at full production scale. We’ve seen more of a push over the last 5+ years to incorporate textural, sculptural works into guestroom, healthcare, and corporate interior spaces and we are HERE FOR IT! As an art studio with tons of experience in hospitality consulting and hundreds of complicated custom projects under our belt, we are uniquely situated to collaborate on these types of projects and develop art pieces that make sense for budgets, scale, and production while still giving the space a truly custom, original piece.

Here are some recent projects that showcase some of our dimensional wall art options created in multiples for hotel guestrooms, corridors, suites, cruise ships, corporate office spaces, and healthcare settings.


We have completed two large (400+) projects in which we created custom textiles for the hotel’s guestrooms. Each piece was developed with the design team to reflect their design story and nod to the unique location of the properties. Miles of canvas, more math-ing than we ever imagined, lots of extra hands, and collaborations with our network of craftspeeps and pros helped make these unique works happen. This type of textile work could be mounted to concealed backer, hung from a bar/cleat, or framed.

Paperclay Dimensional Works

Paperclay is a favorite media to work with as it is so versatile, durable, and relatively light weight. Clay disks (or any other form) can be mounted to panels and provide interesting texture and do not need to be behind glass.  Colors can be customized and imprints can be added as well to reference the areas botanicals or natural life.  

Dimensional Wall Art

These are fresh out of the studio!  Emily designed these machine-carved dimensional disks for a client based on her Hiss+Hum series. The various elements are cut at multiple depths-making fun shadows and an interesting visual. This concept could be expanded and developed for any number of projects-playing with imagery, groupings, scale, and color/finish. We are so pleased with how effective these are and will be adding designs to this series in the coming months.  

String Art

Most of the custom string art we make is very layered and complex, but we can also make them greatly simplified in order to meet design and budget parameters. For this corporate headquarters project our client wanted subtle wayfinding and a way to differentiate elevator lobbies using a different color for each floor. Still very impactful, but a budget friendly solution.


We love a tedious, fussy, delicate papercut and have done many variations in vellum, watercolor paper, and other specialty papers by hand. We have found a way to be able to do multiple sheets at a time which makes quantity orders an option for this technique.  Playing with negative space and adjusting the intricacy of the design makes papercuts an option that can work for a range of budgets. We’ve experimented with a range of base substrates so that the papercut reveals another interesting design element-sheet music, gold leaf, watercolor flows, solid tones…there are endless ways we could make these totally custom for a project.

Licensing Line

In addition to these dimensional options, we have 250 images in our licensing line which are available for quantity licensing.  Print them on plexi, on round panels, on cork, in a series, by themselves – you name it, the options are wide open for presenting these images in unique ways beyond prints on canvas or paper.  

Anytime you want to talk quantity solutions, give us a shout at emily@inkandindigo.com and laura@inkandindigo.com and let’s see what we can create together.