From Idea to Installation | Large Scale Suspended Sculptures

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We recently had the chance to work on something new and different for us-suspended sculptures at a monumental scale.


Our client Level Design conceptualized these suspended sculptures at a massive scale-they were open to the exact medium and execution but wanted the scale and the open, airy feel, with an ombre effect. With quite a bit of r+d and engineering we were able to bring them to life in our own Ink + Indigo way.


For large scale work like this we really are thinking beyond just the design and “look” of the work and taking into account the need for secure mounting, method for fabricating the forms, how they will be packed, transported, and installed. It’s a lot to consider and takes coordination between the site engineering, construction, and design teams. We are very lucky to have other pros we can collaborate with-for this we pulled in our pal and carpenter Zach at Consorti Custom Concepts. He helped design the entire structure and created the large open wood rings using the CNC and plotted out all the hardware security points. The steel hardware and cabling is used in aeronautics and signage/display- each element has a specific weight rating so we could be certain the structure would be secure.

It is always challenging to estimate material usage-its key with work like this not to run out of a specified color midway. Our Studio Manager, Laura, had to bust out ye olde A = π r² to figure out the yardage of cord and pretty much nailed it.


Once we had the specs and mechanics worked out we cut miles of cotton cording and strung it around the circular hoops for weeks while listening to live courtroom tv of the Alex Murdaugh trial-what a time. Each project really is its own time capsule.


It pays to have a friend with a forklift-Zach was able to bring these to ceiling height so we could check our work, make sure everything was perfectly trimmed, and marvel at our creation. Next these were expertly packed and sent on their way for installation. 


TADA! How fab is this sneak peek from Llana of Level Design while onsite for installation last week?! We are in love. Really hoping we get more video and views as the space is finished and opened.

From concept to installation this was such a great project. Being willing to explore and expand our ways of working through collaboration, careful planning, and professional execution enables us to bring new work to life in really fun ways. There could be endless versions of these in the future-manifesting more giant string things soon!