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Oooooh…shiiiiny! Starting with my original #100daysofinkandindigo series I’ve consistently used metallic gold in my work and am always on the hunt for the best metallic gold to use on all sorts of things from works on paper to dimensional paperclay sculptural works. Ya’ll there are some BAD GOLDS out there. So many that read as murky or in the tan/brown fam instead of reflective and bright. Here are a few favs (+1 newbie thanks to my pal Caroline Bullock!) I use again and again in my work.

Save yourself some trouble and don’t buy about 90% of what’s out there-lemme know if you have any in mind you want feedback on-I’ve probably tried it or know someone who has! These have stood the test of time, are great on a range of mediums, and are usually pretty easy to source.

sweet lil’ action gif of gold embellishment for ya

I have a deep appreciation for REAL gold leaf (ever seen how this very captivating video of how its made?) but don’t get to use it in most of my work due to budget restraints but obviously when the budget allows-do it!