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the Artist's Guide to Working with Art Consultants + Interior Designers


absolutely everything an artist needs to know to tap into this exciting + lucrative market and get your art into hotels + interior projects all over the world

Mastering Artful Collaborations

this is perfect for you if you want to....

decode the world of art consultants + interior designers

have your art featured in hotels, public spaces, and interiors across the globe

sell your art without an algorithm

increase your sales with fine art licensing

effectively price, present, + market your work and creative services   

get practical advice + empowering insights into running an art studio

discover new possibilities for your existing work

take on custom commission + installation work 

sell your art without hustling on the ‘gram, stocking inventory, or crossing fingers for successful shows 

Ok, but how?

Connect with clients you never knew existed.
I will give you the tools to learn all about this niche industry, build new, lucrative relationships, develop authentic, targeted marketing, and explore your work in new ways. 

It's time to take the next step.

I'm Emily.

I've built Ink + Indigo into a successful art studio by focusing solely on selling my art to Art Consultants + Interior Designers. I want to share all the nitty gritty info I've learned in 20+ years of experience as an Art Consultant and Fine Artist with my fellow artists so that you too can sell, succeed, and see your work in beautiful spaces around the world.

learn with me

let's do this.

All the insights you need to sell, succeed, and see your work in beautiful spaces around the world.