We’ve been cozied up and overcaffeinating – spending the better part of the last 2 weeks holed up in the studio computering, planning out what’s happening for all things Ink + Indigo 2024, and generally trying to avoid the absolutely frigid weather. I’ve been adding dozens of 2023 projects to the site and info on all the different ways to work with us-including highlighting our work for Healthcare + Senior Living projects + getting new pics of reluctant subjects/amazing studio artists Robin + Sam. 

As much as I actually really like the “business” part of this art business after SO much computering and fully left brained work it was so lovely to take a solo studio Friday and just PLAY!  
Take a sneak peek at a couple of new pieces in the work from that making sesh + more updates from the studio below:

Not sure what to call these yet-Dimensional Collage is as far as I got with titles 😂 They have been sooooo much fun to make! I cut a ton of playfully abstracted, plant-inspired forms from watercolor and vellum, then folded, layered, and shuffled,…and voila! Loving these so far.

I’ve also been working on 8 new works for the always fav Venture Vesica Series. They are mod and graphic but retain their handmade quality as they are collaged from sumi ink washes on watercolor paper, hand painted and leafed gold, and metallic gold linework on vellum. There will be many more to come!

As always-check out my full Portfolio to see alllll the things we’re making over here and email us at info@inkandindigo.com with all of your project inquiries 💙